Thursday, 29 August 2013

Working at Leeds Festival!

So last Tuesday I packed up all my camping gear and headed down to Leeds festival where I was doing some volunteering to gain free entry to the festival. We had to pay a deposit and complete 24 hours of work to earn our entry, and our job was wristbanding, which is exchanging peoples tickets for wristbands when they arrive.

The area of work.
Over 18s and guest area crew wristbands

We got there on Tuesday afternoon and after setting up all our gear we went to get our shifts. 
Me and my sister both got given to work Wednesday Thursday and Friday 4pm -12am which we were over the moon with because we pretty much had the weekend.
The campsite was through the arena right next to the main stage so we were in a great place, and all us 'wristbanders' were together in our own section. Because we work for festival republic who own the whole festival only us workers that were doing wristbanding got given a guest area crew wristband which meant we gained access to the guest area/camping which was almost like a club in Leeds festival.

On the Wednesday we got up did our thing and went to work, the job was very lively and constantly chatting to people, the smile of peoples faces when you put their wristband on, knowing that they are finally there is very uplifting. We ended up getting to finish at half 8 this night which we were made up about. We got up and did the same on Thursday and Friday but doing it in a storm which was not very pleasant, luckily we were under shelter but it was still pretty grim. 

On the Friday we finished are shift at 12 ready to party the rest of the weekend away. We met the most weirdest, wonderful people who we worked with and just spent our whole time on the campsite, guest area or arena and only went into the main campsite once.

We were surrounded by some amazing people and such a free loving atmosphere, I was complteley in my element and have definitely met some friends for life.

Mine and my sisters favourite shop!

We got to see most of the acts we wanted to including Foals DJ set, Eminem (once in a lifetime - unreal) Bondax, Major lazer, Skrillex, Subfocus, A-trak and King prawn. I was impressed with them all but have to big up A-trak as I diddn't really know them and they were amazing! Eminem was also unreal and knowing that I will probably never get to see him again so it truly was a privilege.

Working at a festival is a great experince for me as it gives me a look behind the scenes and I have learnt alot about the events side of things. How it all comes together and how much work actually goes on behind the scenes.

Great group of friends!

Attempting to use a bbq, even if it did take a hour and a half to cook some bacon.

Everyday meals

There was many advantages of working at a festival : getting in for free, meeting and hanging out with so many different ages and types of people, having a nice clean campsite, access to guest area, getting to go behind the stages and through production and the best one being able to take our own alcohol in to the arena, which isn't actually allowed if you're there as a customer. 
I much preferred working at Leeds festival then just buying a ticket and can't even imagine not working there again. Festival republic do a range of festivals and I am now hooked and wont stop doing them for years I'm sure!

I recommend doing it to anyone espicially if you love festivals or are interested in events management, I had such a fantastic weekend and the experience I gained was amazing.
The festival blues have already begun.

One Love



  1. Looks amazing! What a great way to get free entry to a festival - brilliant! Ax

  2. Aw looks like you had a great time! It's great when things work out like that :)


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