Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Lovely Wedding Of My Lovely Friend Love Umbrellas!

So last weekend I had the privilege of attending my lovely friend Klair's wedding from Love Umbrellas and I can't wait to share some photos from the special day that I'm sure you will love too! 

The happy couple Mr & Mrs W

The venue was Abbey House Hotel in the lake district - such a gorgeous setting for the lovely couple's happy day.

The theme was the film 'Up' - such a bright & cheerful colour scheme

This has to be THE most amazing cake ever!! How talented is Marie? She has even done a tutorial on how to make this yourself! Check our her Facebook page here  

It was lovely to meet Klair's friend Julie (always working!) the owner of Novak Bridal shop in Lancashire 

Have you ever seen such an amazingly gorgeous bouquet? The lovely  Lesa from I Heart Buttons Bouquets is another amazingly talented lady! Can you spot the hand print charm included in the bouquet? What a lovely touch! You can get yours here from Tasmia Trinkets & charms

Happy days! 

This is at the end of the night after several bottles of champagne & wine! #happydays

And finally the legend that is Charlie!

I now totally have wedding envy & have already pinned my whole day!

Happy days

Ruth x 


  1. Replies
    1. It was really such a lovely day & the buttons bouquet was simply beautiful x

  2. Thank you so sooooo much for sharing, we really did have a truly wonderful day, and to have our nearest and dearest around us made it so much more special xxx

    1. Glad you like it and happy to share my pics from such an amazing day
      Ruth x