Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Last Wednesday we packed up the car and went for a day out to do a summer fashion shoot.
We thought we would share with you a behind the scenes, giving you a sneak peak of what's to come! 

We went to two different locations throughout the day, the first one being a lovely big house in Hale with a fantastic pool in the garden and the other being Trafford watersports centre. We got lucky with the weather being so hot in the morning and just about got to the watersports centre missing the rain, although the sun had gone in!

This the pool in Hale - amazing!

Here are some images of are beautiful models Louise and Becky getting there hair and make-up done by Melanie Doyle  and her assistants Dee and Sarah, who i have to say did an amazing job.

Here are both the girls in action aswell as Liz, Room31 photographer. We used props such as disco balls and blow up animals to make the pictures all the more interesting and fun. 

Finally a sneak peak of one of the photos being edited.

The pictures have turned out amazing and we cant wait for you to see them!

All the stock will be online very shortly aswell as the pictures.

We would like to very much thank everyone involved!
Mel, Dee, Sarah, Louise, Becky and Anne who let use her house/pool!

One love 


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  1. shoot looks amazing! you were lucky that the rain stayed off for once, a rare occurance here!! xx