Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pucker Up!

Today girls is National Kissing Day!

Taken or single we can all pucker up and enjoy a little peck all in the name of fun!

We just had to do this blog on all things kissing/lip related.
We are bringing you clothing, bargain make-up plus more!!!

Pucker up for £5

Our Lizzy Lips playsuit is perfect for nights out or holidays...even festivals!
Available in 2 colours and ONLY £5.
Get yours here

Lets get lippy!!

We all love new make-up, just like new shoes, bags and clothes it gets us girls just a bit excited! (something men will NEVER understand)

If you have never heard of Nicola Roberts' (from Girls Aloud) make-up range called Dainty Doll, then now is the time to learn more and get buying!!
For us girls with pale skin it can be a nightmare to get make up that prevents us from looking a tad orange!!!
Nicola's range is just like herself for those girls with paler skin.
Her products usually range around £12 BUT stop there, we have found BARGAIN upon BARGAIN, with Dainty Doll products from as little as 99p at Fragrance Direct stock up now before it all sells out!

(We couldn't resist stocking
up ourselves with 2 blushers,
a concealer & a eyeliner!)

Lip Art

Here at R31 we LOVE lip art and with National Kissing Day here how could we not show you our favourite lip art images.

We just love the panda lips!!!

Before we go we just wanted to share with you. The male we'd like to pucker up to this National Kissing Day....

.....David Beckham!

PERFECTION ( lucky girl!)

Happy kissing
x x x

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