Saturday, 30 March 2013

Accessorise Like A Lady!

One of the most classic staple jewellery items to own is pearls.

I own two or three cute little pearl pieces of jewellery and each time I use them for whatever occasion they still add that little bit of refinery to any outfit.

Collars are still a massive trend and will be seen throughout 2013 and no doubt well into 2014 too. So a cute little pearl collar like this one from Room31 £5.99 is an absolute must have item!

Grab your fave tee or denim shirt and elevate that look effortlessly with this pearl collar. Like Daphne at Lilac Fashion! Check out this image for inspiration from her blog - 

Or go for the ultimate in sophistication like Pixie Lott featured in this pic, pearls are just so versatile! 

Make a statement this Spring and head on over to Room31

Guest post by Emma - Bitsy Von Tipsy 


  1. Ooh love how she's styled it - love this necklace :D x

  2. Sarah - gorgeous isn't it! Have a lovely Easter weekend x