Sunday, 30 September 2012

It's for charidee!.... the words of Fab FM DJs Dave Nice and Mike Smash

So this is a slightly different blog post for us. We regularly get asked to make donations to local and national charities and unfortunately we can not support everyone. 

Our chosen charity at R31HQ is Claire House, a local children's hospice that provides care to children with life limiting and life threatening illnesses.

However October is a busy month for charities! 

The following celebrate October as their awareness months:

Breast Cancer Awareness month

Christie's month

Domestic Violence Awareness month

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness month

Mental Illness Awareness Month

National AIDS Awareness Month

...and many others!

It also sees Jeans For Genes takes place on Friday 5th October, a national UK campaign which raises month to change the world for children with all types of genetic disorders 

We would like you as our readers to tell us which charity you would like us to donate £100 to and why. At the end of October we will announce which charity will receive the £100.

Please feel free to nominate local & national charities.

We look forward to reading your nominations.


  1. Domestic Violence Awareness. Such an important issue which is often seen as almost trivial at times.

  2. I would like I nominate arthritis cares child charity jointz.they bring children with arthritisOutings and funday events.brings attention to the fact babies and children and teens can suffer from the daughter has arthritis and jointz have been such a support to us since our daughter was diagnoses at 2yrs old (been suffering from less than a yr) it would be lovely if the donation could go to that charity