Thursday, 12 July 2012

Steal The Style - Carly Rae Jepsen

Clean cut, wholesome and undoubtedly American, Carly Rae Jepsen's sultry tones are sweeping the airwaves & music channels this Summer.

I love Carly's style because she's not the usual stereotypical teenage singer, Carly loves ultimate girly style but adds her own touch of light & fun bohemian chic.

Carly's style is really easy to bag as your own because of it's relaxed laid back approach to being feminine!

Let's start with the staple item, a cute little tee! Carly loves t-shirts, they are versatile and an all year round wardrobe must have. 

Now for the skirt! Rah-Rah style seems to be one of Carly's fave styles, floral is definitely the way to go. The floral print adds to the overall hippy-bohemian style!

I love this floral mini skirt by Vero Moda for only £10! Celebrity style fashion at a bargain price!

It's time to toughen up the look slightly with some denim, as you can see Carly loves waistcoats, go for one like this Vero Moda one at only £38

This girl isn't afraid of a high heel or two, but keep them retro with a wooden heel and a stacked platform sole like these!

So the garments are now done, now lets add the finishing touches starting with this wide brim floppy hat

For jewellery think tribal, gypsy and lots of cute friendship bracelets

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