Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lunch With The Girls (better than sex?)

A recent survey revealed that many modern women derive just as much satisfaction from a meal with the girls as a night of passion with a man!

British sex and relationship expert Simone Bienne said: ‘If you go for lunch with your girlfriends, you produce the same chemical you would to orgasm. We feel relaxed, secure and happy – the same way we do in a relationship.
'Women don't feel the need to jump into a relationship because friendships have made being single all the more enjoyable'

The greater emphasis women now place on their chums has been called the Sex and the City effect, reflecting the TV series which centres around the lives of four single women.

So now there is less emphasis on finding a man; relax, purchase a new outfit and arrange lunch with the girls!

We've teamed wardrobe essentials Vero Moda coral shorts with polka dot bow blouse in royal blue  

We would love to hear if you agree that lunch with the girls is as good as or even better than sex?


  1. Nothing beats lunching with girl friends and this is the perfect outfit.

  2. I think we've all been watching too much SATC! It's not about ho's over bro's, it's about having it all.

    Love the outfit ideas! ;)

    J x